Our Story

One hundred years ago, you could only arrive here by boat. Aside from local fishermen and intrepid sightseers, Pensacola Beach was adrift from the rest of Florida.

In 1931, completion of the Pensacola Bay Bridge and Santa Rosa Sound Bridge began welcoming visitors seeking a balmy respite. That same year saw the opening of Pensacola Beach Casino, a recreation complex housing a dance hall, bathhouse, fishing pier, shops, and restaurants — though no gambling, contrary to its name.

Thousands flocked to the grand opening to enjoy skipper races, live music, fresh seafood, and surf. The evening’s final display of fireworks and naval artillery out of Fort Barrancas marked a new chapter for Pensacola Beach.

While the casino closed up shop in the 1960s, its spirit lives on in our sands –– quite literally. The primary public beach on the south side of Santa Rosa Island is named Casino Beach.

Today, Pensacola Beach is a travel destination for people worldwide. From family Pensacola Beach vacations to destination Pensacola Beach weddings to outdoor adventures, this idyllic playground has something for everyone.

About Our Site

It’s easy to find a waterfront room and a few good restaurants on any travel website. But Pensacola Beach deserves better. With so much to explore that’s just beneath the surface, we assembled a team of local guides who know and love this town –– and want to share their knowledge.

We’ll share tales from our rich history, introduce you to unforgettable characters, and give you a peek behind the scenes of local businesses, nonprofits, and startups.

Here on the Emerald Coast we get 300 days of annual sunshine, but that doesn’t mean it’s always rosy. Like every beach town in the Gulf of Mexico, we’ve had our share of hurricanes and hardships. We embrace it all. Our story is one of resiliency, of communities coming together in the face of adversity. We’re quintessentially American in that way. We ride out the storms and rebound stronger than ever.

With that in mind, PensacolaBeach.com was designed to be a real-world hub of travel tips, easy bookings, and inspiring stories for today’s curious traveler. We want to be a resource for all-comers by sharing our history, culture, and unique color.

From out-of-the-way hotspots to up-to-the-minute events, we’re a local concierge that fits in your pocket.

Join us as we create stories they’ll be telling in the next 100 years.