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Pensacola Beach Report 4/7/2022

Pensacola Beach Report 4/7/2022


Surf today is the highest it should be as we move into the weekend. Today we’re looking at surf between two and four feet; however, it becomes smaller and smaller until Sunday when it’s looking pretty flat. You know this can change at a drop of a hat with our beach weather so we’ll be updating you this weekend.


It’s officially the start of cobia season! We saw our first cobia catch report of the season from Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier. It was a huge catch at 35.6 pounds! It was a gorgeous one too. Great…now we’re craving some cobia. Guess it’s time for us to cast that reel too.


Ahhh the sweet sound of an amazing weekend ahead. Christian Garman’s weather report has us waiting impatiently for the week to end so we can run straight out to the beach. The entire weekend is looking sunny and in the low 70’s. Today is a ltitle breezy so it may feel a little chiller, but as we get into Saturday and Sunday we’re expecting straight sun and temperatures in the 70’s. This is the weather we’ve been waiting for…get your beach bag ready!

Heading to Pensacola Beach this weekend? Don’t leave us out! Tag us and use #pensacolabeachcom so we can see how your weekend is going.


4/8: Blue Wahoos Opening Day @ 6:35 pm

-Heather H.

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