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Pensacola Beach Report 5/17/2022

Pensacola Beach Report 5/17/2022


The surf is pretty small today. It’s about one foot out there, with it predicted to be flat tomorrow. It’s the best time to wade in and enjoy the beautiful waters Pensacola Beach has to offer.


We’ve received reports of flounder being caught inshore. We had a lot of reports of redfish cruising around too. So many fish, so little time! Want to learn more about fishing on Pensacola Beach? Check out our fishing page now.


The weather today could not have been more gorgeous! We walked out behind Holiday Inn Resort and was able to snag this amazing view of the emerald Gulf, the Lazy Days umbrellas and chairs set up along the sand, and even some kayaks and schooners waiting to be taken out for an adventure. If the perfect beach day existed we’d say this was it! Only problem, is we seem to have a lot of perfect beach days out here on Pensacola Beach 😉

The temperature was 84 degrees, with no breeze, so it definitely felt hotter. The lifeguards had a green flag out today, so you’re able to jump in to cool yourself off from time to time (flags can always change throughout the day so always make sure to check). Hanging out at Pensacola Beach over the next few days?! We wanna see all your adventures. Make sure to tag us in your post on social and use #pensacolabeachcom so we can share all your perfect beach days!


5/17: Bands on the Beach @7 pm – 9pm

-Heather H.

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