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Pensacola Beach Report 6/30/2022

Pensacola Beach Report 6/30/2022


The surf is about 1 to 2 feet right now, but with it raining on and off there are very few people frequenting the beach.


Flounder is the fish of the moment. We received so many reports coming in right now that are all about that flounder. Also, some reports of snapper and king mackerel too.

Fishing on Pensacola Beach? Check out our fishing page.


Have you ever been on vacation and needed medical care? Usually that means finding the nearest urgent care or emergency room, driving there and waiting for hours to get seen by a doctor. It’s a complete hassle. Now imagine you could call a doctor from your hotel room during your visit and have them come to you. Gulf Coast Mobile Medical Care is doing just that. If you are in need of medical services you can schedule an appointment straight from their website, choose a time that works for you and chill in your hotel room until they get there. They offer many different services for you and your family, and they will help get you back on the beach in no time. Check them out here

…and now the report for today. The temperature is 83 degrees and it has been rainy all day long. For a moment there it felt like buckets of rain were just pouring out of the sky. Despite the rainy conditions the beach is still as beautiful as ever, just really wet and overcast. We are looking forward to the Fourth of July weekend! If you’re heading out to the beach make sure to tag us in your posts on social and use #pensacolabeachcom Check out Gulf Coast Mobile Medicine Care 


7/4: Fireworks on the sound side @ 8:30pm

7/9: Blue Angels Airshow

– Heather H.

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