The Dynamic Duo: Julian And Kim MacQueen

This article is brought you by Scenic 98 Coastal, subscribe to their free weekly newsletter for more great articles every Wednesday morning! Julian MacQueen has been wildly successful in the hotel business with Innisfree Hotels. An adventurer of sorts, he decided at an early age that the beach is where he wanted to be. Much has been written [...]

Blue Angels Fall 2022 Homecoming Show

Fall 2022 Blue Angels Homecoming Show NAS Pensacola is pleased to announce the NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show on November 11-12, 2022, with the theme of "100 Years of Carrier Aviation". This event provides the opportunity for NAS Pensacola to showcase what they work with daily on the installation and to enjoy a [...]

Fall 2022 Fishing Report

The Amberjack’s legendary strength and fighting spirit should put it on the top of your catch list this summer! 

Meet the Jellyfish of Pensacola Beach

Curious about what the wide variety of blobs in Pensacola Beach are? If you are like us and have noticed quite a few jellyfish hanging around the shores lately then you may of asked yourself, "what kind of jellyfish is this?" That is why we have decided to identify some of the common jellyfish seen [...]

Shelling on Pensacola Beach

It’s hard not to love shelling. Whether you're 3 or 93 something about scooping treasures out of the sand is universally appealing. Of course, it also helps that it’s free! This vacation take a little time for the simple things in life; let’s go through a list of what you can find and how you [...]

The City of Five Flags

With its sparkling green waters, sugar-white sand, and dolphin spotted coast it’s unsurprising that Pensacola Beach is a highly coveted destination. This isn’t a new phenomenon, over the course of its history Pensacola has passed through the hands of five different nations earning it the title of The City of Five Flags.  The Firsts Pensacola [...]

4 Brunches to Try on Pensacola Beach Now!

If you’re looking for some brunch recommendations have we got them! There are so many places to enjoy brunch on the beach, here are our favorites.

Pause for Clean Puppy Paws

Whether embarking on your maiden voyage to Pensacola Beach or a lifelong local, you’ve probably come to know that our charming island is quite pet inclusive.


Justin Saxton’s Pensacola Beach story begins over 30 years ago in the mid ‘80s when he and his mom moved here from the Midwest. He was born Justin Shafer in Moline, IL in 1980—Shafer being his biological father’s last name. The early ‘80s in the Midwest were brutally cold and sent many families south in search of warmer weather, beautiful beaches, and the promise of new opportunities.


On a warm summer day in 1975, Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr. stood at attention on the parade grounds at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado and suddenly felt an added weight on his shoulders. A polished metal-clad star gleamed in the sunlight — a brand new fourth star pinned on his shoulders, marking an extraordinary point in time for a man and all of America.


Basil Kuloba, the founder of local Pensacola startup INERTIA Education Services, has ignited a passion for science in hundreds of Pensacola-area students. He explains in a Q&A how entrepreneurship in education is fueling his company’s drive to provide better education to all.

A Dog’s Life…Sand Island

Looking west, across the Pensacola Pass sits a submerged war fort that has since transformed into a chain of sandy islands.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…with Fido by your side!

Whether embarking on your maiden voyage to Pensacola Beach or a lifelong local, you’ve probably come to know that our charming island is quite pet inclusive.

Day Tripping at Park West

Located just past the last row of Gulf front condos (Parking Lot 21.5) and less than a mile from the entrance of Ft. Pickens, you’ll find Park West

Island Style Pet Boarding

Traveling with our furry companions can pose some difficult decisions on whether to bring them along, board them, or leave them behind with a pet sitter.

Exploring the San Pablo

Find out how this one-time banana delivery boat made Pensacola Beach its final resting place.

How to Get SCUBA Certified

Have you ever wondered what type of amazing adventures were waiting for you just beneath the surface of the Gulf Coast waters?

Dive into History, by Snorkeling the USS Massachusetts

First commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1896 the USS Massachusetts was an American battleship designed for coastal defense

Casino Beach’s New Aquatic Attraction

Looking for the opportunity to get outdoors for some adventure and to experience the Gulf Coast marine life in person?

Smooth Water SUP’ing in PCola

Are you looking for an exciting way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and experience all the amazing scenery that the Gulf Coast is known for?

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