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Casino Beach’s New Aquatic Attraction

Looking for the opportunity to get outdoors for some adventure and to experience the Gulf Coast marine life in person? The newly installed snorkeling reef located just 700 feet off shore of Casino Beach is ‘swimming’ with wildlife and the chance for underwater exploration.

Man made coral reefs Casino Beach

Found just east of the fishing pier this man-made reef is a draw for people from all walks of life and skill levels. Whether you are a local beach lover, a tourist passing through, or new to the snorkeling scene the chance to get up close and personal with ample aquatic life is one to be excited about. The first fish were seen around the reef only minutes after its completion and lucky divers will get the chance to observe species such as sea turtles, octopus, flounder, snapper as well as other common reef fish in their natural habitat.

It doesn’t matter if you are a snorkeling novice or a long-time adventurer, safety is the most important consideration for exploring any reef. It’s paramount to follow a safety checklist to ensure your snorkeling experience is fun and as risk free as possible. It is highly recommended to use the buddy system and you always want to ensure that you have adequate floatation devices and dive flags with you as they mark your location very clearly to passing boaters. Follow your safety checklist so all you have to worry about when you arrive is relaxing and enjoying the experience!

Snorkeling at Pensacola Beach

Safety procedures are only half of the key to a successful snorkeling session at Casino Beach it is also important that you have the correct gear for the activity. This includes your fins, mask, and a snorkel. If you don’t have your own, not to worry, you can find them for rent all over Pensacola Beach. The snorkeling package from Florida Dive Pros is highly recommended as it provides everything you need and is inexpensive.

Snorkeling has long been considered the perfect family friendly activity for people of all skill levels and the Casino Beach reef has just made the opportunity for an authentic Gulf Coast experience available to all beach goers and tourists alike. Grab your gear, grab your friends and head on down to Casino Beach for a day full of marine life and adventure you won’t ever want to forget!