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How to Get SCUBA Certified

Have you ever wondered what type of amazing adventures were waiting for you just beneath the surface of the Gulf Coast waters? Are you eager to have 70% more of Planet Earth to explore right at your fingertips? Scuba Diving in Pensacola Beach is an incredible hobby that has called to adventure seekers and water bugs all over the world for decades. Getting started may seem overwhelming at first, so we are here to break down exactly how to begin your Pensacola Beach Diving Journey. Beware, once you’ve caught the ‘Scuba Bug,’ you’ll be hooked for life!

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Decide on a Certification

There are two main Scuba Diving Schools that are recognized internationally; SDI and PADI. They each offer several different types of certifications, such as Wreck Divers, Rescue Divers and even Commercial Divers. However, the most popular is the Open Water Diver certification. This is the most common certification needed to explore much of the Gulf Coast and waters all over the world. Both SDI and PADI have options for both youth and adult divers, so the whole family can join in on the fun.

Let’s Get You Started

Pensacola is home to some of the most gorgeous waters and a vibrant ecosystem full of marvelous marine life. We are also home to several dive shops that have everything you need to get you prepared for underwater exploration. Some of the most reputable dive shops in the Pensacola area include Dive Pros, Viking Diving, and MBT Divers. Researching and reaching out to the dive shop of your choice should be your first step. From there, the experts will be able to help you best decide which certification and course is right for you.

Things to do in Pensacola Beach Florida

Online, Pool, Sea

Whether you choose to start your Pensacola Beach diving journey with PADI or SDI, they will ensure that you are comfortable and experienced with all of the necessary diving skills and equipment in three easy steps. The first is typically an online course that allows you to  work at your own pace and familiarize yourself with the equipment and basic principles of scuba diving. The second step is familiarizing yourself with scuba skills in a pool setting. This stage helps you become comfortable with your gear, entering and exiting the water, underwater navigation and safety procedures, as well as buoyancy control. The final step will be your highly-anticipated open-water dives. You will make several dives, typically over two days, where your instructor will be sure that you are confident and proficient in all of the necessary skills to dive safely. Once you have completed all three steps and are granted your certification, your underwater adventure truly begins!

No Equipment, No Problem

One of the most common concerns about scuba diving is the expensive gear. If you decide to purchase everything yourself, from your regulator to your dive computer, you could expect a price tag around $1,500. Luckily, most dive shops will rent all of your dive-day essentials. It is typically a much better deal and it definitely beats lugging all of that heavy equipment around when you are traveling.

Dive In

There is an entire world just below the surface that is waiting for you to discover. Scuba diving is truly a life-enriching experience. It provides the opportunity to stay active, learn about marine life, and truly experience all the beauty that the Gulf has to offer. Don’t miss your chance, make the decision to dive in today!