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Pompano in the Surf

Why leave the beach if you don’t have to? Surf fishing for pompano on Pensacola Beach is easily accessible, affordable, and fun for all ages. Pompano, a member of the jack family, is a transient fish that runs in the spring and early fall through the surf. These elusive, fast-moving fish are fun to fight and are some of the best-tasting fish you can find in the Gulf of Mexico.

Having the right gear for any job is essential, and surf fishing on Pensacola Beach is no different. Since you will be casting out into the surf, a larger rod is advantageous for winding up that camera-ready cast into the emerald water. Surf fishing veterans will recommend a surf cart, complete with everything you need for a day on the beach. Hit up our friends at Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle on the way in to get loaded up.

The best part about the bait is that you won’t have to spend a dime on it. Pompano love chomping on sand fleas, and you can find these skittering critters right where the water meets the shore. Simply cup your hands around the sand as the water recedes back and come up with as many as three to four tiny crustaceans. Pitch them in a little bucket of water, and you’ve got bait!

Keep an eye on the weather and the surf report for the perfect day. The ideal conditions for pompano fishing is a clear day when the surf is kicking a little. The choppy, foamy conditions tend to stir up the sandy bottom and its inhabitants, prompting schools of pompano to start running. Anglers will say that looking for a small glimmer or shadow in the surf gives you an opportunity to sight cast into the action.

Even if you don’t catch any pompano, you still spent the day on the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach.