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Pound for Pound “Champ” of the Gulf

“Champ” of the Gulf 

Are you a fishing enthusiast hoping to reel in that trophy most anglers only dream of? The Amberjack’s legendary strength and fighting spirit should put it on the top of your catch list this summer!

Typically weighing in at a whopping 40-80 pounds, these fighters can be found all year in the deep water and are drawn to rocky reefs and the hundreds of shipwrecks that litter the ocean floor of the Gulf Coast. These monstrous fish can be seen weaving in and out of the abandoned ship, perpetually hunting for their next meal. They tend to stick to small groups, so if someone in your party hooks one of the ‘Kings,’ casting a few extra lines out should be your next move.

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Fight of the Jack

Considered a trophy fish for most anglers, the amberjack is known for its immense strength and tenacity. ‘AJs’ are well recognized as feisty and relentless, so be prepared for a fight once you have one on your line. One thing is for sure, they will not ‘come up’ easily. This prized fish is earned through a hard-fought battle of strength, patience and determination. The feeling of an amberjack on your line has been described as feeling like the fish is trying to rip your arms off of your body as it fights for its life down below! To all the gym rats and fitness fanatics out there looking for a new kind of arm workout, put down the dumbbells and try your hand at hooking one of these massive fish. Buckle down for the long haul and your victory lap will be well earned.

From Gulf to Table

The Amberjack is known to have a very unique flavor that is beloved by many Gulf Coast anglers. The fresher the fish the better the taste so once you’ve conquered your prize get right to work preparing your hard-earned meal for the table. When cleaning the King of the Gulf be sure to remove the entire tail section and a few inches up the body. For the most popular way to serve this fish, reach for your favorite seasonings in the pantry such as fresh garlic, thyme, and lemon juice. Throw the fish on the grill or blacken it to best bring out its natural flavor and enjoy your well-deserved victory meal.

Legendary Catch

Whether you are a local fisher or a tourist looking to experience all the adventure that the Gulf Coast has to offer, the fight of the pound-for-pound Champ is a great addition to anyone’s bucket list. For sport or for food, the fight for the Amberjack on the Gulf Coast is a fishing tale you will want to tell for a lifetime! Learn more about opportunities for Pensacola Beach fishing.