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The Season of the Ling

Avid anglers know that spring season is the prime time for Pensacola Beach Fishing, especially for Cobia (also known as Ling or Lemon Fish). If you are a local fishing enthusiast or just passing through and are seeking out that rewarding, fight-worthy fish, Cobia season on the Pensacola Beach Pier is the place for you!

Why Cobia?

After spending the cold winter months in South Florida, Cobia migrate north along the Gulf Coast, making it the perfect time to try and hook one of these beauties here in Pensacola where the Cobia fishing season runs from late March until May! While the Ling caught off of the Pensacola Beach Pier average around 30 to 40 pounds, they have been known to weigh in over 100 pounds and reach over six feet in length! The thrill of the fight is half of the fun when you hook a cobia. They are very powerful and have a lot of endurance, so you should expect a long, strong fight with one on your line. While fishing lovers out there will often tell you Ling are some of the most fun fish to catch, they are also extremely delicious and nutritious.

How to Catch Cobia

Now that Cobia are on your radar, how do you hook one? You start by locating a school. Schools tend to swim very close to the surface and they are most visible on the sandbar where the water is a bright emerald color, making the fish easier to see. Once spotted, most anglers prefer the “sight casting” method, where you cast beyond them rather than on top of the school to avoid scaring them. As far as bait is concerned, Cobia tend to be attracted to pinfish and eel. Plan a stop to Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle on your way to the pier and let them know you are here for Cobia, and they will make sure you are ready for your fishing adventure! Once you hook one, the battle has just begun. Test your patience and finesse by tiring out the fish and loosening the drag until you are able to reel them up onto the pier.

Pensacola Beach Pier

The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is nearly 1,500 feet long and, due to its view of the sandbar, it is one of the best areas to spot Cobia. Cost is only $7.50 per fisherman. Discounts for military personnel, children, and senior citizens are available. Don’t have your own rod or not sure where to buy bait? No worries! You can rent out rods and purchase bait from the pier’s own tackle shop! You can also purchase refreshments or even grab a bite to eat at the restaurant on site to make sure you are hydrated and well nourished while fighting your Cobia! If you are lucky enough to snag one, the size limit on them is at least 33 inches and you can only keep one of them per day! After the fight Cobia put up, one is more than enough!

Pensacola Pier Cobia Fishing

Pensacola Pier fishing is the sport that tests patience, determination, and skill while allowing you to experience the beauty of the Gulf Coast. If you are a local or traveling saltwater adventure seeker, come try your hand at the infamous Cobia on the Pensacola Pier for the fishing story of a lifetime.