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Evening Wind Down, Yoga Time

Picture yourself ending your day by listening to the waves crashing around you, barefoot in the sand as you feel the setting sun slowly warm your skin. Imagine the sounds of the Gulf Coast right alongside you while you exercise your body and prepare to wind down your day. This seemingly ‘too good to be true’ evening routine can be yours when you decide to join in on the health and wellness craze of Sunset Yoga on Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach Yoga

Originating from India thousands of years ago yoga’s intent was to help you connect your mind, and body to the world around you through exercise, breathing techniques and meditation. For centuries people all over the world have testified to the positive effects of participating in yoga regularly. It provides not only the physical health benefits of exercise like improved strength and balance, but it has also been studied and proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and even help patients who suffer from depression.

The fundamental purpose of Yoga is to put your mind, body, and environment into perfect harmony and the best way to connect yourself with nature is by being out there in it. Nothing makes you feel quite at one with nature as when your feet hit that Pensacola Beach sand and you see Florida sun rising over the water. Sunset is the perfect time for a calming yoga session not only because of the breathtaking sights but you get to fully enjoy the calmness of the ocean before the dun dips below the horizon.

Whether you are a Pensacola local or simply a visitor the Gulf Island National Seashore and Ft. Pickens are two local favorite areas to experience sunset yoga because they are quiet and less busy in the early evening. If you happen to be a guest at the Hilton or Hampton Inn and Suites on Pensacola Beach, you need only walk outside directly behind the hotel to find the ideal spot to unroll your mat. Allow yourself to be fully immersed with the beautiful Gulf Coast and set yourself up for a happy, healthy, and productive day ahead by trying out Sunset Yoga on Pensacola Beach. Namaste!