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Island Style Fitness Trifecta

Cardiovascular exercises are considered to be a beneficial addition to the health and fitness routine of people from all walks of life increasing heart health and reducing risk of stroke and other disease. Running, swimming, and cycling are three incredible examples of cardiovascular workouts and the best part is you don’t have to be restricted to a gym to experience them. You can improve your health and work on your fitness goals while getting out into nature and soaking up all the beauty that Pensacola Beach has to offer.

Running is quite possibly the most popular form of cardio exercise and there is no need to get your miles in staring only at the screen of a treadmill. Taking your workout out into the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast can be a refreshing change of pace while allowing you to connect with your environment. Running along the beaches always offer a breathtaking view but if you prefer to avoid the sand there are plenty of trail options available. You can follow any of the paved paths along the beach and Bayview Park is one of the most popular running spots sitting near the heart of Pensacola and offering over a mile of running trails that won’t disappoint.

There is no need to cycle on a stationary bike when you can prioritize your workout and still enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Much like running, you can cycle on the paved trails near the beach or along Bayview Park but one of the most popular scenic spots for bikers is the LEAP Trail. It’s a 3-mile trail that starts near the airport and is a favorite of Pensacola locals and tourists alike.

Swimming is the exercise in this trifecta that provides the least amount of stress on your joints and bones. All of the beaches on Pensacola provide great swimming locations but the important factor for them all concerns the conditions of the water that day. You will want to swim on a green flag day when the water is calm. There is always a chance of rip tides in the area so it is advised that only strong, experienced swimmers venture out into the Gulf of Mexico for their workout and that they follow the buddy system when they do.

If you are a fitness aficionado that would like to try their hand in all three areas, Mere Mortals is a program designed to help prospective tri-athletes train and prepare for their physical goals in a safe and encouraging group. Whether you are a Pensacola local or a visitor here, there is no longer a need to choose between an effective workout and soaking up the Florida sun and wildlife. Prioritize your health and fitness in the great outdoors when you run, cycle, or swim on Pensacola Beach.