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Get Into Shape 4-Shore

Are you a Panhandle local on the hunt for a new and invigorating workout that gets you out of your mundane gym routine? Maybe you are just visiting the Emerald Coast but are still looking to get in a form of exercise that doesn’t involve an hour on a treadmill in a hotel gym? Whether you find yourself in either of those categories or somewhere in between, 4-Shore Fitness Boot Camp is the innovative workout program that locals and visitors alike can’t get enough of. Boost your endorphins and reap the benefits of physical activity all within view of the beautiful emerald-green waters.

Don’t let the word “bootcamp” intimidate you. This multifaceted workout program will push you to reach your fitness goals in a supportive, encouraging environment. Designed by the founder and creator, Erin Saxton, the 4-Shore Bootcamp integrates a combination of cardiovascular, HIIT, and weight training exercises to challenge your body in a unique and exciting way. Bootcamp sessions are an hour long and offer a wide range of workout times that can fit into any schedule. Every session is unique to keep you on your toes so lace up your running shoes, grab a bottle of water, get yourself to the South Santa Rosa Gulf Breeze Rec Center in Gulf Breeze Florida and be ready to sweat!

You could be a hard-core fitness enthusiast looking to spice up your workout routine or brand new to the ‘gym’ scene and you will find yourself challenged but comfortable in the Bootcamp program. At the start of each session participants are able to place themselves in a ‘rank’ based on the fitness level they feel most comfortable with. The three ranks include Private 1 Class, Lieutenants, and Generals. Each exercise of the session will be modified according to the rank you have put yourself in. This ensures that each camper is meeting their individual fitness goals and growing stronger over time.

Enhance Your Vacation

While Panhandle Fitness enthusiasts will have the luxury of participating in the entire 5-week bootcamp program, that doesn’t mean Pensacola visitors have to miss out on all of the fun. 4-Shore Fit is currently offering, no contract necessary, drop-in classes for just $10 each! Be sure to check the 4-Shore Fit website to register for specific class times and receive information regarding equipment and class location. Exercise has been proven to benefit not only your physical wellbeing but your mental health as well so shake off that jetlag by releasing powerful endorphins that will enable you to get the most out of your Pensacola Beach vacation. What better way is there to experience the Gulf Coast like a local than an encouraging group workout all within view of the water? If you register for the earliest or late sessions of the day you may even be lucky enough to catch a breathtaking Gulf Coast sunrise or sunset. Can you say, motivation?

4-Shore Fit

This is a call to all of the Pensacola locals, visitors, and passers through to skip the monotony of the old gym routine and schedule your first workout with the highly experienced, educated, and talented Erin Saxton and Kat Venettozzi today. If you are still unsure feel free to check out all of the incredible testimonials on their website and put your worries at ease! Soak up some vitamin D from that famous Florida Sunshine while you work towards a healthier and happier ‘you’ one sweaty Bootcamp session at a time!