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Smooth Water SUP’ing in PCola

Fitness enthusiasts, family vacationers, waterbugs, and sunseekers! Are you looking for an exciting way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and experience all the amazing scenery that the Gulf Coast is known for? Stand up Paddleboarding or ‘SUP’ is the water activity that has taken the Panhandle by storm! This sport combines physical fitness and outdoor adventuring in the best way possible. Pensacola Beach is known for its calm waters, making this a great activity for all of your family members. Don’t have your own paddleboard? No problem! Lazy Days Beach Service has you covered! Give them a call at (850) 698-0928 to rent your board and get paddling!

Why SUP?

While you consider paddleboarding, there are a couple indisputable facts that pertain to Panhandle locals and visitors alike. First, physical activity is a healthy addition to everyones’ lives! Second, we all want to appreciate the natural beauty that Pensacola Beaches have to offer. Stand up paddleboarding is considered an aerobic activity, meaning that it is a form of cardiovascular conditioning (cardio) in which your respiratory and heart rates will increase. Cardio has many benefits including improved lung capacity, reducing the risk of heart disease, helping boost energy, and promote healthy sleep. While we all know cardio is important, I’m sure we have all also experienced the struggle of forcing yourself into the gym several times a week, especially on a beautiful day in Pensacola! Enter, Pensacola Beach SUP’ing! You no longer have to choose between fitting in your work out and exploring the Gulf Coast.

Why Pensacola Beach?

Paddling Pensacola Beach is unique because of the smooth waters that we are so well known for. The tranquil sea allows beginners a calm surface to get comfortable with the board and experienced paddlers the chance to take in more of the breathtaking scenery and wildlife around them. Some of the best and most reliable SUP spots in the area will be found at Ft. Pickens, Intracoastal, and Little Sabine. Little Sabine being the most ideal spot for first time boarders because it is consistently known for having the smoothest conditions in Pensacola Beach.

SUP Pensacola

Whether you are trying to add some variety to your fitness routine, looking for a fun family friendly activity, or just wanting to soak in some of that Florida sun and the amazing views Pensacola has to offer, SUP’ing is the way to go! Make some lasting memories while sightseeing on the water in the Gulf Coast!