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Savor the Sweet Side of Pensacola at Dirty Dough

Dirty Dough has quickly become a beloved haven for those with a sweet tooth and an appetite for culinary creativity. This delightful bakery has elevated the art of dessert, offering a tempting array of decadent warm stuffed gourmet cookies that not only satisfy cravings but also transport visitors to a world where every bite is a moment of bliss. Explore the delectable wonders that Dirty Dough brings to Pensacola, where the magic is in the mix, and the flavors tell a story of pure indulgence.

A Confectionery Wonderland:

Step into Dirty Dough, and you’ll find yourself in a confectionery wonderland where the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air, captivating your senses from the moment you walk in. The charming bakery boasts a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to treat yourself.

Gourmet Cookie Creations:

At the heart of Dirty Dough’s allure are its gourmet cookies, each one a masterpiece of flavor and texture. From classic chocolate chip to innovative creations like “The Ooey Gooey” – a gooey butter cake-inspired cookie – weekly changing flavors along with 6 signature flavor make it where there is always a cookie choice for everyone along with exciting changing flavors. The bakers at Dirty Dough pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each cookie is a heavenly balance of sweetness and richness.

Cookie Lover’sDream:

For those who can’t decide on just one flavor, the Four, Dirty Half Dozen, and Dirty Dozen Boxes are a dream come true. This delightful assortment of your choosing can feature an array of Dirty Dough’s most popular cookies, allowing you to sample and savor a variety of flavors in one delicious box. It’s the perfect treat for sharing with friends, family, or even keeping all to yourself – we won’t judge.

Cookie and Ice cream Creations:

Not only do they have warm stuffed gourmet cookies, but you can pair your choice of cookie with a couple scoops of creamy icecream and topping or drizzles of your choice in the delicious Dirty Scoop! It doesn’t stop there, there is also Dirty Shakes where your choice cookie is mixed with chocolate or vanilla icecream making the perfect cookie shake!

Gluten-Free Options:

Dirty Dough believes that everyone deserves to indulge in the joy of sweets. That’s why they offer gluten-free options, ensuring that no one has to miss out on the deliciousness. These special treats are crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to flavor, providing a delightful experience for all. The two starring GF cookies are GF chocolate chip and GF Oatmeal raisin.

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts.

Not only does Dirty Dough have awesome cookies but they have a mission. They use their cookies as reminders that life can get messy but it’s the goodness within that’s important. They don’t care about being picture-perfect— cookies are for eating!

Driven by the belief that the best people and cookies go deeper than what you see on the surface, they focus on what’s inside. That’s what really matters.

We’re all about people and cookies with character!


Q1: Can I place a custom order for a special event? A1: Absolutely! Dirty Dough welcomes orders for birthdays, weddings, and any special occasion. Contact our team to discuss your vision, and we’ll create a sweet masterpiece just for you.

Q2: Are there options for those with dietary restrictions? A2: Yes, Dirty Dough offers gluten-free options. Everyone deserves a taste of the sweet life!

Q3. Can I order these treats for pickup or delivery? Yes, Dirty Dough offers both delivery and pickup options, making it convenient for you to enjoy our delectable treats. Order these tasty cookies with our Dirty Dough App, DoorDash, UberEats, or GrubHub. If you aren’t within delivery range, visit our website to place your pick up order.


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