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Toes on the Nose at The Cross

Toes on the Nose at The Cross

Calling all surfers, fitness fanatics, beach lovers, and history buffs! Are you looking for the best place to ‘drop in’ on the Gulf Coast? Maybe you are just a waterbug searching for the next place to embrace some adventure in the salty air. Your perfect longboarding experience is waiting for you at The Cross! If you are new to the area or just passing through, you might not be aware that Pensacola Beach boasts beautiful longboarding waves and has plenty of access spots, but locals will point longboard lovers to The Cross on Pensacola Beach. 

Why Should You Surf the Cross 

Why should you plan to spend your next saltwater adventure at this Pensacola paddle-out spot? While most spots on the Gulf Coast are known for their fast breaking and shallow waves that tend to be a beginner’s nightmare, The Cross is home to more of an “outside sandbar” type of wave. These waves are longer and have a much more mellow break than most others that you’ll find along the coast. The mellow breaking waves makes The Cross the perfect place for beginners to comfortably try out those longboards for the first time while the deep water paired with the sandbar means the area holds a larger swell than most other spots on Pensacola Beach to satisfy those more experienced surfers! No matter what your board experience may be, there is truly something for everyone here!

No Longboard, No Problem

Not quite ready to hop up on that board? No worries! This old Gulf Coast relic is a must see spot on Pensacola Beach all on it’s own! The Island Cross is a 10 foot, concrete cross that was first erected in 1559 to mark the spot of the first [Western] religious service in Pensacola. Sitting on top of a large sand dune you won’t even need to get your feet wet to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of the area. Watching the sunset over the Pensacola landmark while listening to the breaking waves in the distance is an experience treasured by all modern explorers, adventurers, travelers, and locals! 


Whether you are a skillful longboarder looking for a challenge, a beginner wanting to step onto the Pensacola Beach surfing scene, a surfing enthusiast that enjoys watching the action on the water, or just looking for a serene and monumental spot to watch the sunset, the Cross is calling to you. It is a picture perfect representation of all the beauty and adventure that is available to you along the Gulf Coast. Grab your friends and grab your boards, we’ll meet you at The Cross!