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Just Pass’in Through

Whether you’re a Pensacola Beach local or searching the coast for the perfect wave, you’ll want to add surfing the Pensacola Pass in Ft. Pickens to your list. Connecting the Pensacola Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, the Pass is a favorite local spot thanks to the wild tubes and breathtaking scenery. Adored by more than just surfers, Pensacola Beach’s Fort Pickens is a popular destination for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Point

The spot where this left wave breaks close to the shore is appropriately dubbed “The Point.” In order for this local treasure to break, there needs to be a strong southeast swell running, and the sand to build an inside bank. Boasting 100 yard rides on a good day, the current ripping into the bay keeps the crowd thinned out. The Point was considered one of the longest waves on the Gulf Coast, second only to “Amazons” in Panama City. When the wind and seas pick up out of the southeast, the Point comes to life as the main beach becomes choppy. The curve at the end of the island grooms the wind chop into long clean lefts. It’s important to note that the left is a shadow of its former self, due to the reshaping of the coast by the last decade of hurricanes. It’s shown signs of returning, but the wave to surf now breaks in the bay. Remember to check out the forecast prior to arriving. Even if you forget to check the reports, locals leaving Ft. Pickens will signal encroaching surf seekers with a thumbs up or down — a time-honored tradition.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

When the waves wrap into the bay, it provides an excellent backdrop for some next-level surfing photos with the Ft. Pickens lighthouse in the background so don’t leave your camera at home. If you’re not so much of a surf fan but you love to bask in that Florida sunshine and be by the water, no problem! You won’t even have to get your feet wet to get a sense of this beautiful area. Beach and photography lovers will often visit the Point as photos of this spot capture the very heart and soul of the Florida Gulf Coast.

See You at the Point

Whether you have some next-level Pensacola Beach surfing, outdoor exploring, or photography on your mind this season, The Point has a little something for everyone. Gather up all your gear, be sure to park in the small parking lot closest to the Pensacola Bay and walk the half mile footpath to the water. You just might be lucky enough to ride one of the longest waves on the Gulf, get barreled in the Bay, or capture some seriously frame worthy shots. This is one outdoor activity that you won’t want to bail on!