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Alex Dantin is a Salty Human

Alex Dantin is a name widely known and respected in the Gulf Coast surfing community as well as in the boat tours business. This local pro and influencer started on a mission to document the Panhandle surf scene through his incredible photography skills that he often showcases on his instagram page (alex.dantin).

Putting rest to the rumor that the Panhandle’s surf waves are lackluster, is not a job for the faint of heart. Not only does Dantin exhibit top notch photography abilities he displays talent on a surfboard and a thorough knowledge of the water. The swell, tides, wind directions and speeds are all important factors in snagging those jaw-dropping action shots. This wave chaser knows where to go and when to arrive to catch the perfect surf and his prized pictures never disappoint when he does.

Thanks to Alex Dantin’s photography abilities the Pensacola Beach surfing scene’s full potential is finally being recognized. You may have to travel and keep up with the latest surf reports to find the best spots and the right times to visit here on the Panhandle but when you do it results in a day on the water you won’t want to forget. Dantin’s pictures not only spotlight local surf pros, but invite visitors to grab their boards and hit the waves as well.

If you don’t feel so comfortable on a surfboard but you love to be out on the water in the beautiful Gulf Coast, Dantin has a solution for that as well. Salty Tours Pensacola provides public and private boat tours enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Passengers have the opportunity to choose between several unforgettable cruise experiences such as sunset cruises, dolphin excursions, on boat wine tastings, and cruises that allow guests to witness the legendary Blue Angels practice sessions, unobstructed from the water.

It’s safe to say that Alex Dantin is doing more than his part to promote the beautiful Pensacola Beach that the locals know and love. His work on the water calls attention to the thriving surf scene for locals and tourists as well as encourage people to explore the Gulf in unique and exhilarating ways through his many types of Salty Tours. Be sure to stop by his social media pages to be inspired to get out on the water and keep it salty!