Condor Sailing Adventures

No Leaning = No Seasickness

This is not your ordinary, crowded, sailboat/dolphin cruise boat! Join Captain Kirk for the fun, relaxing experience of a lifetime aboard the incredible, world-class 40 ft. Condor racing triman, Dare II. Condor Sailing Adventures happily offers daily two-hour cruises at 11 a.m., 2 p.m., and sunset. Sailing on beautiful, peaceful Pensacola Bay…

  • Located on Pensacola Beach!
  • Condor = roomy: 40 ft. long, 28 ft. wide
  • Rare: Only 21 Condors ever built!
  • Always uncrowded – max. 6 guest
  • Fun: Lots of room to explore!
  • Comfy seats on spacious side decks
  • Great for couples, families, and grandparents!
  • Relax & dangle your feet in the water