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Reds on Fly

Pensacola Beach fishing is as unique and diverse as our eclectic ecosystem, including fly fishing for the immensely-popular and sought after redfish. June 1st marks the beginning of the season for these beauties, and the green light stays lit throughout the summer, leaving the late summer months and early fall for big bull reds.

Cast out any thoughts of rough seas and intense offshore travel. Fly fishing is done in the flats and shallows of Pensacola Beach, offering a soothing, relaxing fishing experience and a chance to reconnect with nature. The motors are cut and trimmed, leaving only the soft sounds of water lapping gently against the hull. The boats are uniquely designed and feature large bows that are perfect for sight casting on a crystal clear day. There are even plenty of opportunities in the shallows to stand directly in the water while fishing, creating a totally immersive experience and a chance to soothe yesterday’s sunburn.

Fly Fishing Pensacola touts a “do no harm” excursion into the vast, serene world of Gulf Coast fly fishing. They offer four-hour intercoastal fishing trips as their most popular charter and six-hour runs to hunt for bigger reds and mahi that are sure to get the poles bending. Beginner trips are available for those who are looking to graduate from dabbling to enthusiast.

From fishing for big bills offshore to hitting the piers, there are endless possibilities for any avid angler. But there is something special about flying fishing in Pensacola Beach, and you’re going to have to feel it for yourself.