Day Tripping at Park West

Located just past the last row of Gulf front condos (Parking Lot 21.5) and less than a mile from the entrance of historic Ft. Pickens, you’ll find Park West one of two dedicated dog beaches on Pensacola Beach. Park West is the most centrally located of the dog beach beaches and is a favorite among local and traveling dog lovers. This slice of Gulf front is dedicated to our furry friends and their beach-faring owners, clearly marked by signage to ensure you’re in just the right spot. Whether you and your pup enjoy relaxing in the soft sugary sand or frolicking in the serene emerald waters, you’ve come to the right place!


The dog beach at Park West includes the standard pet-centric amenities like waste bag stations, disposal receptacles, handy wipes and markers that specify the pet friendly boundaries. This stretch of beach includes room for on-leash roaming and fun Gulf of Mexico swimming. Parking lot 21.5 provides moderate parking and a walkover to easily access the beachfront. There’s no restrictions on dog size, however keep in mind there isn’t unlimited beach to rove, so some owners prefer to bring smaller breeds or senior canines that don’t require much space to relax in this area. Be sure to bring the beach essentials such as fresh water, shade, and treats to make the most out of your Pensacola Beach dog-friendly adventure!

Rules & Regulations

On Pensacola Beach both dedicated dog beaches require that dogs be on a leash at all times and that all waste be properly disposed of at the marked receptacles near the parking lot and boardwalk areas. All dogs are also required to have proper tags on their collars which includes a visible rabies tag. Criminal charges may be applicable to any owners who have left pets unattended in a vehicle. Animal control officers are on patrol in the Park West area, so be sure to check all signage for the rules and obey them to stay out of the pound!

Pet Friendly Pensacola Beach

For animal welfare or Dog Park West concerns, contact the Escambia County Animal Control (850) 595-0097

Park Hours

May 1 – October 31st – Hours of Use: 7am-Sunset
November 1st – April 30th – Hours of Use: Sunrise-Sunset